High Hull Pot
Friday, 14 July 2006

Short but fine afternoon trip taking advantage of low water levels. Started building a dam as the guidebook suggests, but boredom and frustration set in after half-an-hour due to 1) poor dam building skills 2) the ditch that I needed to use to take the water away was overgrown and needed digging out again!

And so, the dam building was aborted! Quickly changed and set off down the entrance pitch. The first two pitches are superb, in a large wet day-lit shaft and split by a large ledge about 20m down. At the bottom of the 2nd pitch, a short hands and knees crawl leads to the 3rd pitch. At the bottom, a short rift leads under a load of loose, crap stuff to a climb over blocks to the end. Pretty strong draught here!

Then back out! Good stuff!

Tackle required – 1st & 2nd pitches: 55m rope, 7 maillons (fixed hangers in place,
although one of these is loose).

3rd pitch: 30m rope, 2 hangers, 3 maillons, 1 krab, sling &

krab for re-belay.


Why not make this public, then folks can see this useful information?

Sam Allshorn

Monday, 17 July 2006