Washfold Pot
Saturday, 15 July 2006

Excellent 3.5hr trip down one of the finest caves in the dales (in my opinion)! It has a lot of variety in a very short distance (i.e. fine narrow stream passage, awesome 40m pitch, several easy but exposed climbs, easy traverses, short crawls and short but interesting pitches at the end……..and all in a length of cave shorter than the entrance crawl in Penyghent Pot). Still a reasonable stream, given the low water levels…Not the place to be when its wet 🙁

Entrance climb: short handline is useful here (10m rope will do easily).
Big Pitch: Traverse in the roof. Sling & krab for natural, then 4 p-hangers for traverse and y-hang. Deviation a few metres down (deviation cord currently in place). We took a 55m rope.

Chockstone climbs: We took a 35m rope. Long sling best for re-belaying the rope for the second climb.
2nd, 3rd & Last: 35m rope, 5 slings & krabs (one of them ‘long’ for the top of 2nd pitch).


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Sam Allshorn

Monday, 17 July 2006