Car Pot
Monday, 14 August 2006

Am writing this as I wait for the washing machine to finish the third load of horrible, smelly washing, so that I can go back up to Gaping Gill for the remainder of the winch meet.
Had a fine trip down Car Pot on the monday after the tackling weekend. Set off underground at around 1pm after a short 10min walk from the tent. Makes a change, as the usual walk is a tad longer…
The entrance series provided very enjoyable caving, with a few narrow and awkward obstacles to overcome, but nothing too bad. The top of the third pitch is perhaps the most awkward bit.
Soon at the bottom, where the sump was visited on the way to the pretties in North Craven Passage which were stunning! The large guillotine-type curtain was very impressive.
We then climbed up the mud wall (knotted rope in place) into South Craven Passage and spent quite a while exploring various passages, and admiring yet more superb formations.
Then back out, and we emerged to a pleasant evening where a short walk had us back at the camp, and soon later, in the beer tent!!!!

Ahhhhh, this is the life 🙂