Penyghent Pot Rubbish Removal
Saturday, 11 November 2006 -13th November 2006

Dear All

We are please to announce that most of the detritus
left by LUUSS students c.1995 around the big pitch
area was removed on saturday 11h November.

Thanks to
Stuart “Guilty” Abbott (ULSA)
Dave Lacey (OUCC/RRCPC)
Simon Cornhill (Alt.DCC)
& yours truly .
A poor turnout from the ULSA brigade.
The ski slope is now in the Settle tip and the rotten
scaff bars are heading towards a dodgy RRCPC dig.
The moral responsibility for removing the remaining
five rotten scaffold clamps – hidden in the shale bed
bedding above the 3rd pitch i hereby pass on to Ben
(unreliable) Young, when he next summons up the
courage to go underground…..(maybe
Smallshire/Cannon/ et al.)
might want to help him …..


14th November 2006

Well as Beardy has already said, the skislope is no longer languishing half way down PYG.
It had a short rest in my car (see photo) after the rude awakening from its long sleep, and its subsequent (definitely reluctant) removal from PYG, before being hoofed into the skip at Settle.
( I even got quizzical comments from the bloke at the tip – Very wet Saturday afternoon in November in the dales and I’m throwing away a piece of dryskislope that’s been underground for nearly 10 years…perfectly normal in my book)

Thanks to the Beardy brigade for assistance and apologies to all those it may have offended in its time underground…….!

Any willow twigs around here?


20th November 2006

An efficient trip down to the top of the third pitch for most of us and the bottom of the fourth for Simon, to round up, capture, secure and assist the skislope up the pitches whilst I attempted to work out how to haul it up the pitch.

A relatively event free exit apart from the wet bits, the crawling bits, the walking bits, the pitches, the entrance, the gates and the walk down the hill….oh yeh and getting it in and out of my car.


A stunning effort.

They were nice scaffold clips them. Obtained on a post Cardi raid from Victoria Road along with several poles and carried back to Woodhouse by a crack team trying not to raise suspicion.
Wonder what assorted crap ULSA can take underground next? Anyone for Echo Pot?

Jon Haynes

Monday, 20 November 2006

I think you’ll find (and Beardy will proudly tell you) that the blue water pipe has also ‘left the building’
The only other valuable item abandoned for a short while down Echo was ‘ the spade’ and thats also gone.
Anyone remember any thing else?

Stuart Abbott

Tuesday, 21 November 2006