Dale Head Pot
Thursday, 4 January 2007

This wasn’t a caving trip as such but still merits a rant. If you have read Northern Caves you’ll know that Dale Head is block, if you have read Not for the Faint Hearted you’ll know Dale Head is open, but it’s not until you make the visit that you realise that it’s rather unpleasant. A 10m shored shaft holding back tonnes of tottering rock that wants to squash you, but is prevented from doing so because of some dripping rather slimy bits of wood. So we set out to solve this problem.

Beardy Ben Carmel and I had gone to do the trip a while ago but were discouraged because as Beardy was heading into Heart Burn Crawl Ben nearly inadvertently (i think) sealed him in by stepping onto a heap of shit that spilled into the crawl with Beardy.

The first trip to work on the Dig Climb happen on the Sunday of the Pennine Hut and the second one month later with a rather smaller group, this is where Beardy made his brief appearance. Simon ended up with hands frozen to scaffold poles, Bill stole a mug of coffee with his dog and considered throwing scaffold joints on us to get our attention. After a chilly days work my wet socks froze to the road as I was getting changed. The final trip saw the work finished off this Thursday. The entrance to Dale Head is now a little safer than before.


Well done to Sam Allshorn and co. for doing this!!!

Mike Bottomley

Sunday, 06 January 2008

You were that close and didn’t drop in for cake on my birthday!

Lyndon Easterbrook

Sunday, 06 January 2008

sorry lnydie i didn’t know, happy birthday, did you get a nice cake?

Sam Allshorn

Monday, 07 January 2008

Job done
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Posted: 05 January 2008
The bottom bit
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