Large Pot – Red Herring
Monday, 30 April 2007

The four set off via inglesport for a bap for Nick as he hadn’t eaten. A slightly less heavy night than the one before but still quite a lot was drunk. All got changed and set off up the hill, than I finished getting changed and rigged the cave. Nick and Timmys, then followed. Initially Timmys was behind me then Nick then Mike but by the time I was at the bottom of the third pitch some how Mike was behind me and then Nick then Timmys.

The rest of the cave was descended down the Red Herring Series with ease until the top of the 6th pitch here the chokestone in the roof fell out and a new belay was sort with no usable spits in site the new petzl range of portal anchors was employed. I passed Mike the choke stone which was replaced in the rift slightly further back and knocked in until his fist hurt. After this the sling and rope were attached and it was given a good yank to ensure in would stay put. Then the two less than great spits were hidden under hangers to ensure no-one was made nervous. A pleasant trip lead down to the head of the tenth pitch and Mike enquired of me “Did you go for a piss? “Nope. yet there was a strong aroma of urine, very strange. Then at the bottom we all ate Nicks laces and some mixed peanuts and dried fruit. We then didnt see Nick and Timmys until we were back on the surface although they did offer to help with the bags in the squeeze. I did have a most strange feeling all the way out as I seemed to lack a tackle bag until Mike thankfully gave me a nice full one at the top of the fourth pitch to exit with.

Back at the vans That little squat fellow that hangs around with Carmel and doesn’t have much hair and Carmel were sat on sofa cushions drinking tea and so with beautiful sunshine we sat on Mason gill lane drinking tea and ranting.