Dismal Hill to visit the ends and enter via the new entrance
Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Sam Allshorn and Mike C came up from Skipton and Team Berlingo came from somewhere else. Mike C and I applied lots of neoprene whilst Tom proclaimed he didnt need any extra as he had “gods own neoprene”, unfortunately the state of Toms wet suit meant that anyone behind him was treated to a full view of “god’s own”. The entrance was located 15m from track on the right with two large rocks hiding the end of a plastic tube that has undergone some adjustment to fit the hole.

The pitch (9m) was found to be climbable and landed on a ledge 2m above the stream 16m downstream of the start of the sump pool. Tom descended without pulling the lid over and when he opened his mouth everyone could see sunlight stream out his “god’s own”. Anyway after climbing to the surface to replace the lid, the sump pool provided some very pleasant relieve. The quartet then used the blasted rift to bypass the sump. The oxbow that is meant to miss out Swift Falls Chamber was followed. This was found not to miss out the climb as we emerged at the foot of Swift Falls. On upstream some swimming lead to the sump, Sam Allshorn swam back fetched the tape and measured the swim on the return (60m, not all out of depth).

Some further hunting for this oxbow lead us into beddings in the roof and finally one was followed until it abruptly emerged over the canal we had just swum along. With some trepidation the slippery walls were descended until I was sure it was deep enough. The others then followed with roughly equal parts of climbing, falling and jumping.

Once the four of us had reassembled we headed downstream to swim, float, tiptoe and doggy paddle to this sump. This time we reached the end and I started swimming back. Some disbelieve insured, as to my competence in operating a tape, as I managed to arrive at a spot where everyones feet could touch the bottom each time the tape ran out (downstream is 90m of canal deepening to a swim at the sump pool).
Instruments used

Baker Thermo-meter: constructed by placing a caver (Tom is the best used for this) in a wetsuit that looks more akin to a fetish suit (these holes are essential).
Bottomley Depth Gauge: no idea how to make them, but must be at least 6 foot 5 inches.

One 30 fibron tape: should avoid applying idiots to the ends of this.