Broken Finger Pot
Saturday, 9 June 2007

Excellent trip down this relatively recent addition to East Kingsdale. A relaxed start saw us in Inglesport for breakfast where we discovered there were to be naked ladies in the ireby sump for a new suss calender. However, we restrained ourselves and set off for Kingsdale where a sweaty walk in the heat soon saw us at the entrance.

Underground just before 1pm and Sam Allshorn led the way and did a fine job rigging down the entrance series. Good progress was made through several awkward bits, the Fatometer squeezes and down several short pitches with entertaining pitch heads – particularly Grab Attack, where exposed head-first acrobatics are required which adds to the excitement.

Some more squeezes and some larger, more spacious pitches follow leading to the final 45m pitch in quite an impressive shaft. As a grand finale, a crawl with three ducks leads to the satisfying final sump.

With the sump ticked we headed out with myself de-rigging, and steady progress and teamwork saw us back to the entrance with minimal difficulties after a splendid ~5.5hr trip (NB: for a cave which must be only 250m long).

Then back to the car, via Brown Hill Pot where a few minutes were spent trying to remove lots of soil, bags of bones etc from the entrance.

Good stuff! Cheers Sam Allshorn!