Out Sleets Beck Pot
Saturday, 22 September 2007

Fine trip down this classic pothole on Penyghent Gill. As I still had the parents landrover (which was reason was over in dales as had to return it 🙁 ), we took advantage of this by driving most of the way to the entrance, so as to turn a 15min walk into a 30sec one.

Managed to descend Corner Sink by accident (short ~6m deep pothole further down) before finding the entrance to Out Sleets. Dam was easy to inspect as was holding back the fairly full streamway pretty well except for a small streamway. Underground before 12.45pm and good progress made down the superb clean-washed cave to the bottom.

The pitches were very impressive with lots of water pouring down them, and around a foot of froth had to be cleared from the pool and duck. I managed to clear most of it, but as Dan didnt follow until I was on the other side, most of the foam had returned and I could hear the occasional splutter as foam engulfed Dans nostrils.

On the other side, more pleasant streamway to shatter passage and finally the aptly named see-saw passage, in which most of the crawling could be avoided by devious rifts and cross-rifts between the beddings. The final bedding was sumpy.

Then back out, with us back on the surface by 3.30pm. Excellent and varied stream cave, topped off with a couple of pints in Settle and chips!

What a view!
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Posted: 24 September 2007