Giants Hole; Sherbydire
Saturday, 24 November 2007

Saturday morning saw around 16 bodies enjoying the delights of breakfast ( and virtually lunch ) at Outside in Hathersage.
A planned rival trip originally planned to JH and later Nettle was abandoned and so everyone battled outstanding Derbyshire sunshine and decided to go down Giants Hole, but the original plan of a trip down to the East Canal was also abandoned.

Whilst Noel, Holly and Tom sped off on their own adventure, the remainder of the team went around the round trip with a short deviation from the Eating House to inspect St Valentines sump to check out the new syphon system, for Me and Ben. Sump was already open with 4 inches of airspace.
A slightly aqueous Windpipe was dealt with with ruthless efficiency and the team emerged at 6.30pm – far too early for an ULSA trip!