Peterson Pot
Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Tom and I met up at 6.15 on the dot at Leck Fell (well I arrived there at 5.30, but Tom was late as usual. What can you do?).

We left the cars at around 7.00 (after phoning in to check on our sick) and enjoyed a nice amble down the side of Leck Fell to Peterson Pot , finding the entrance with only a modest amount of phaff on the surface checking we were in the right place.

Soon we had slipped down the first two pitches and had entered Roly Poly passage. Tom led forward bravely with his legs giving him the distinct disadvantage on some of the corners.
Near the end of the passage Tom discovered an old Stinkie with an improbably large reflector jammed in the rift below. A little bit of persuasion with an old sling and Tom’s tongue and it came free! Whoops of joy echoed through the passage but were short lived, as at the very next bend the Stinkie made a daring escape and plunged deep into the rift once more, taking the sling with it. D’oh!
Soon enough we emerged unscathed from the exit of Roly Poly passage and dived into the connection with Pip. At the top of the third pitch Tom happily was reunited with both the Stinkie and sling, so all was well.

Shortly after we arrived in Hall of the Booby/willy caver and a sharpish exit was made via Mistral, and a nice walk down along Ease Gill Beck and up Leck was enjoyed by all. Actually no, it went on for ever and ever and I thought it would never end. The walk was broken by Tom finding a jacket on the fell, which once we’d checked the pockets for sweets (none!) became a bit boring. Anyway, we arrived back at the cars by 10.15pm and I was back in time for a decent night sleep. Poop poop!

Really good trip – would defo recommend for an evening/Sunday trip.