Bang Inlet- King Pot
Saturday, 2 February 2008

The drive into Kingsdale was exciting, with steep corners and ice! All the gear was packed and the trio set off for the entrance. I then returned to the car to collect the rest of the stuff namely the safety specs which i had stupidly left in the car. I then court up with Tom and Mike at the start of the awkward traverse section before Queensway. Mike had carried two bags to just before this. Tom was proved right about their being no one else in the cave even though there was a rope on the entrance climb. The rigging was fast we arrived at Bloodaxe, where a spit was found on the left wall that gave a free hang to the floor and avoided the deviation off the massive block. The spits on Victoria were shocking but rigging was improved by using two stainless steel bolts that had been placed at this pitch head.
After climbing into the inlet a stud was placed to provide a footing for capping the rift from a safe distance and from the side rather than below. The first few holes were quickly drilled and the firing rod had to be used at half length since there wasn’t much space. Then around the third hole Mike proved himself to be King as he removed the rod from the rock and the chorus of heaven opened into song as the new king had been found. A sequence was quickly established, I drilled and fired holes, Tom then called in a maternal voice to check I was alright, Mikes heavenly appointed was then tested as the rod stuck. All the while Tom played with himself, after finding a hole in his oversuit and furry that overlay each other perfectly.

Beyond the first few holes the stud wasnt overly great as it was too far away from the sharp end to be of much use. So we each took it in turn to awkwardly wedge ourselves in the rift and hammer. The most frustrating thing about using the half length bar was that I foolishly didn’t place the connector on the end so when there was space the bar still had to be used at half length as the end had been bashed around a bit.

After the second battery died Tom cheered for joy and had the pleasure of attempting to remove the now stuck rod. Tom finally succeeding in removing the rod from the last hole after some time, questioning Mikes God given right to the throne.

We arrived at the top of Bloodaxe at around 9pm where Mike managed to be caving out with an empty bag as he was “de-rigging. After much banter I didn’t see Mike until he appeared at the foot of the second pitch with Tom who was carrying next to nothing. Mike had carried most of Tom’s gear as well as all the rigging gear, respect! So all we need is for the poor weather to continue before a return is made.

Frustratingly on unpacking the gear I found the second stud that I had taken for the purpose of making it more comfortable to work. Oh well!


I’d like to point out I only gave mike my SRT kit as he was so hurt by our jibes about him not being able to carry a tackle sac and that I carried more joints in echo pot than him that he felt he had to prove
himself. Luckily for mike, life experience a long time ago grit blasted away what thin coating of pride I ever had and I happily let both him and Sam Allshorn get on with the who’s got the heaviest tackle bag / pen1s measuring competition.

tom baker

Tuesday, 05 February 2008

Well, I’d like to point out that I certainly don’t care who has the heaviest tacklebag etc etc etc etc. My problem is more a total lack of confidence in myself etc, which commonly leads to me feeling crap
and useless….something I don’t particularly like (especially in caving), hence, i try and avoid feeling like this.

I suppose I could take banter a little better!??! 🙂

Mike Bottomley

Tuesday, 05 February 2008

I have found that a reasonably large will formed but full one is best and gives the most satisfaction to those using it. If it’s too big you can’t jam it in as many places, too small then it’s no fun. If over
flowing it quickly empties all over the place and too limp you just can’t use it for anything and won’t stay where you put it.

Sam Allshorn

Thursday, 07 February 2008