Old Ing sumps
Thursday, 28 February 2008

Dave Ryall from the BPC had recently re-lined the 2 short and free-diveable sumps in Old Ing, so we decided to go and do the through trip exiting via Dismal Hill.
After dropping a rope down dismal hill, the entrance was quickly located and quick progress made to the downstream sump (complete with 6inch layer of foam) after collecting some flat rocks at the entrance for providing some extra weight.

After getting accustomed to the rather cold water, i dived through the first 3m sump and surfaced at one end of a large rift-shaped airbell, which is around 0.75 – 1m wide at the widest point and around 4-5m or so in length.

The next dive starts from the Sam Allshorne end of the airbell and was far more exciting as it requires a very steep descent of around 2m, before going under a spacious arch and then straight up for 2m to the surface in the leeds and liverpool canal.

After diving through, a quick exit was made via dismal hill (with very cold hands)…..where there was a smelly rotting sheep at the bottom of the climb, and I returned to old ing to find dan and tom.

The evening was rounded off in t’pub. Very civilised!

A fine, albeit short, evening trip and a quality little through trip.