Bang Inlet, King Pot
Saturday, 8 March 2008

Given the appalling weather, another trip to Bang Inlet in King Pot was in order. After acquiring a drill bit from Tim Allen of the NCC we made our way to a very wild kingsdale where there were numerous vehicles parked up close to Valley Entrance……always seems busiest when the weather is at its most foul!

A brisk walk saw us up at the entrance where a stream was sinking. As we made our way through the entrance series we were wondering if there would be anywhere where it would be impassable…..neither of us had ever seen king as wet as this. Canutes canal was very moist, and it was necessary to shuffle down the rift at Emma’s pitch to avoid the maelstrom of a rather impressive waterfall. Even high up in King Henry Hall, the roar of the stream below was impressive.

Soon arrived at Bang Inlet and capping commenced. We took it in turns to do a bit of capping and good progress was made until both batteries ran out. Then back out. Water levels had definitely dropped by now, and quick progress saw us back to the entrance after a 7hr trip. All that remained was a pint in the Marton with some legends of caving, including Geoff Yeadon.
Good stuff! A return will be made soon.