Priddy Green Sink
Friday, 21 March 2008

Drove down to mendips on the thursday night and proceeded to get drunk and wake up feeling rather grim on friday morning. Gordon Coldwell offered to take us on a trip down Priddy Green and out through Swildons as he’d done it before. A late start saw us up at the entrance around midday, which you can basically park next to and is within sight of the pub……the perfect location me thinks.

Soon down the entrance and good progress down initially steeply dipping passages. Soon arrived at the blastard bastard and clitoris crawl (the crux, supposedly) which were passed with ease. More crawls, climbs and further narrow bits soon led to the start of the vertical stuff which dropped us into swildon’s 4, a superb section of streamway. After a quick look at sump 4 we headed out via the excellent blue pencil passage and soon arrived at sump 1 and the entrance series which is truly superb. Definitely one of the finest stream caves in the country.

Arrived at the entrance after a 5hr trip. Classic trip with plenty of variety, although both tom and myself agreed that Priddy Green was rather disappointing being no where near as difficult as we were expecting. Still good fun though. The evening was rounded off in the Hunters.