Lost Johns Cave
Monday, 14 July 2008

Very pleasant 3hr solo trip to the downstream sump via centipede route, for a bit of training. Arrived at horton at around 3pm and packed up 200m of 10/11mm into two large craven bags before heading to a very misty leck fell. Underground around 4.30pm and steady progress down the entrance pitches to battleaxe. Lost Johns is quite an eery place when you’re on your own…..the distant rumble of the water being the only sound. Soon across battleaxe and down the very fine valhalla and final pitch…….impressive waterfalls today. A nice stroll down the master cave, and through the low canals (brrr) to the final section to the sump. Then back out, reaching the surface just after 7.30pm….still misty. Fine trip, and a good choice for a solo outing being easy but impressive.