Black Shiver Pot
Thursday, 24 July 2008

Fine evening trip down this dales classic. Met tom at the layby near hill-inn at around 5pm to pack the various bits of kit we were taking underground today. I quite fancied having a look in the high-level passage above North Chamber and so packed the bolting kit and spits in case it was possible to traverse across from the top of the last pitch…….rather than doing the 9m climb which has been described as being quite gnarly/dodgy looking!!

A very relaxed stroll across to the entrance and underground for just after 6.30pm. Quick progress soon saw us down the short entrance pitches to the black rift……an impressive ~80m pitch. Soon down this and into the short and sharp section of streamway to the last pitch into north chamber. After rigging this (spits are shagged!), tom descended and went to the sump while I had a look at getting across to what looks like a very impressive passage from this point. Dave Ramsay was right, it looked as if 3 or 4 bolts would see me across, and so i proceeded with putting in the first one.

Two bolts…..and a stiff back later (really need to get a drill!!!) I had got across to the very unstable looking slope leading up into the passage. A bit of a dodgy move across on to this and then a delicate climb up the slope saw me to safety. A further bolt allowed me to anchor the traverse line, and tom came across. We then had a quick look along the large passage, with the finest formations in the cave. At the end an inlet comes in down a 9m aven. Would be keen to climb this to see if the tight inlet at the top (mentioned in the NC2) looks promising/cappable.

Anyways, with time pressing on, we headed out with tom de-rigging. At the top of the black rift, I took the bag of rope and headed out as was concerned as to the time, leaving tom to de-rig the entrance pitches. Arriving at the entrance, I found it was about 11.15pm….not as late as I expected…..and so headed back across the fell to cancel the callout. Tom arrived soon later.
An excellent trip. Look forward to returning soon.


Whatever happened to the ULSA drill? Surely with original exploration like this going on the club should get another one if the old one has been lost? What does our membership money get spent on?!

Dr Footleg

Monday, 06 October 2008