Grange Rigg Pot
Saturday, 29 November 2008

Another fine trip down Grange Rigg on a cold, crisp saturday! Reached the entrance after a sweaty walk and were underground for around 1.30pm. A steady trip saw us below the final pitch a couple of hours later. We turned round at the squeeze before the drainpipe, as the boulders have moved again (well, since my last trip) and none of us were able to get through. On my last trip the squeeze was passed easily, although there had been some movement then. So we set off out reaching the surface just after 5pm. A brisk walk/slide back down the hillside saw us back at the craven cottage for around 7pm where muchos beer was drunk!!

Good day out, and respect to Katie for knocking off her first NFTFH trip at 15. Good effort!!!