Meregill Hole
Sunday, 29 March 2009

With a good forcast for the sunday a swift exit was made from leeds on saturday night in the direction of the craven cottage in Horton. Arriving at 9pm we had just enough time to order some grub from the crown and enjoy a few civilised beverages next to the fire. SUSS arrived a little later, as they were staying nearby for their AGM, and so more beer and ranting ensued, as is customary.
Sunday dawned bright and sunny and our ultra efficient start become more and more unlikely. After a fine breakfast we packed the gear and headed to Inglesport so I could hire some wellies (Antony! Wheres me wellies????). We drove to the hill inn layby where I then found I was wetsuit sock-less! D’oh! Back to ingleton we go where I decided to buy some knee-length socks instead of my usual ankle length ones. Back to hill inn layby for sometime after 1pm…….hmmmm, a leeds start may have actually been more efficient!

The walk to the entrance was quickly dispatched and I set about rigging the first pitch (Aven entrance) as the mere was likely to be up. We then alternated the rigging, with rose rigging the second and me the very impressive third pitch/fourth pitches. Rose rigged the fifth pitch and I rigged the final short pitches to the start of the main drain – superb walking sized passage which soon enough degenerates to hands and knees crawling with some short flat-out sections to the final sump.
Then back out, sharing the de-rigging. An uneventful trip out soon saw us back on t’surface where a brisk pace was set knowing there were chocolate muffins in the car. Then back t’cottage for tea….muffins…and the joy of rope washing (plus an amusing incident with a hosepipe….)

Excellent trip! Has to be one of the finest SRT trips in the dales!