Dale Head Pot
Monday, 13 April 2009

Several days of dry weather and a good forecast allowed us to enjoy an excellent 4.5hr trip down this fine cave, with the aim of getting Jason into the final sump. We were underground around 11am and quick progress made along the entrance crawls to a pleasant stream passage leading to Bottle Pitch. A fine sequence of fairly well watered pitches (the only concern being the lack of good, well placed spits) quickly gains depth. Following an awkward wriggle, a few climbs then led to the Schizenblat and squalor, including a hairy little traverse, but things soon improving at Pool pitch. A short duck after this provided a thorough soaking, and the sump was soon reached after some more narrow rift and a short climb. Arriving at the sump, Jason kitted up and prepared to dive the sump. Line was laid down to around 14m depth in a awkward, narrow rift in non-existent viz. With no end in sight a return will probably be made with larger cylinders. After the dive, all the gear was bagged up and we set off out. A swift exit saw us all back on the sun-soaked surface by around 3.30pm. Woop Woop! 🙂