Disappointment Pot (Far Waters)
Saturday, 29 August 2009

Another fine trip into Far Country and Far Waters, this time going in via Disappointment Pot – in my opinion the finest way into the system, with some very fine situations. Progress was quick with only the first 2 pitches needing rigging (others had been rigged via Marilyn).

Once into Far Country (after enjoying the very fine echo on echo rift), care was taken to ensure the correct route was being followed, but familiar looking passages and formations from my previous trips made progress easy. A quick detour was taken to the top of deep well before heading towards northgate and clay cavern.
We met the other group (neville, seb and william) at the junction with rivendell, then headed off to the end of northern line – a lovely muddy canal, then towards hallucination aven with Ian. Before heading out, we also had a look down rivendell with its fine formations.

Heading out it only took around 45mins to get back to echo rift pitch after another soaking in southgate. A very quick trip back out of disappointment pot with myself de-rigging had us back on the surface at around 7pm after an excellent 6.5hr trip.