Dale Head Pot
Saturday, 10 October 2009

My meet for the Craven Pothole Club saw an impressive 16 people parking at Dale Head for this classic grade V pothole. Luckily the forecast was good and it hadn’t rained as much as they said it would on friday night.

Steady progress saw 8 at the final sump, with the rest of the group reaching different stages of the cave (most got down past all the pitches to the vicinity of the borehole). The rigging is pretty poor in dale head, due to lack of decent spits so care is needed. There are some good naturals in places though, even if in slightly awkward positions. Also, watch out for loose rock, especially on final pitch.
Then back out with everyone out of the cave by 5pm.

Great to bottom this fine cave once again, and to see such a bloody good turnout from the Craven PC! 🙂