Upper Flood Swallet
Friday, 2 April 2010

To kick off the CPC’s mendips meet, me, katie and mark enjoyed an excellent trip down Upper Flood and into the new extensions. After meeting Richard at the wessex hut at 10am we headed over to the MCG’s hut and were soon enough wandering through the driving rain to the entrance, slightly skeptical as to whether we’d get the full trip done in such weather.

Soon underground and quick progress made down through the mined sections and into natural cave – a pleasant streamway with fine formations. The lavatory trap was found to be open (frequently sumps due to percolation water), and we were soon at the breakthrough choke. A fun series of 13 squeezes (although never that tight really) led into a large and impressive chamber (2006 extensions i believe), and the streamway was once again followed in a superb passage – often very large and varied, with some excellent formations.

A junction was soon reached, from which various passages were explored and many fine formations ooh’d and aah’d at, before having a quick snack and heading out. Steady progress had us back on the entrance after an excellent 5hr trip. Many thanks to Richard for arranging and leading the trip.