Crescent Pot – conservation work
Sunday, 6 May 2012

After expressing our keen-ness to Sam Allshornmy for adventuring back underground after a winter of skiing, we were the perfect victims for a day of cave ‘conservation’. For those of you who don’t

know what a day of cave conservation with Sam Allshornmy involves here goes:

1. Back breaking hauling of heavy rotting wooden stakes
2. Back breaking hauling of heavy planks of wood
3. Back breaking hauling of heavy scaffolding poles
4. Back breaking hauling of really really heavy scaffolding poles
5. Back breaking lifting and carrying of said debris from cave entrance to nearby shakehole
6. Back breaking lifting and carrying of said debris from shakehole to nearby wall (approximately 500m walk), following decision to move debris once it was nicely stacked by Nick and Noel
7. Pedantic stone selection, following by back breaking hauling of selected stone to required position
8. Back breaking hauling of Sam Allshorne rock back to pile as it was 2mm too big
9. Back breaking lifting of buckets of cement in order to cement rocks once they had been officially sanctioned.

All concludes a fun day in the dales. It was good to help the guys out with this project. I for one have definitely been one of those cavers, who sees a mess of a cave and says “Ee Bah Gum! I cant believe this has been left in this state and then carries on caving and never does anything about it.

Well done guys, its really impressive work and obviously has taken a lot of time and effort to get this far.


I was going to rant a rant about this trip but it seems to have been summed up nicely here. I would add that in all the trips that we have had thus far this was by far the best hauling team. Others have removed wood and quite a lot of it but these guys moved a load to the bottom of the hauled it out, then hauled out all of the back log and then carried it to the wall. A very well done to you all!


Sam Allshorn