Ranting on Penyghent
Saturday, 1 June 2013

Here be the rant for Penyghent Pot as requested by the President.
It was a lovely day.
The ropes were all ready from packing the night before.
DInny was speedy and rigged the pitches ahead of us and there was limited waiting around.
The sump was seen. The cave was exited.

A BBQ was attended in the evening.
Here ends the rant.
Subject to further ranting requirements from Dinny please add the additional comments to the rant above:

*1 Noel left his and Holly’s wellies in Blackpool.
*2 Noel was in terrible, terrible trouble.
*3 Noel was now in peril.
*4 Simon and Caroline saved the day.
*5 Wellies were collected from Simon and Caroline’s.
*6 Dinny stopped for 5 seconds at a green light which subsequently led us to being 30 minutes late to meet Sophie.
*7 Tea and biscuits were had at Timsy and Carmel’s.
*8 The grass is of very good camping quality at Timsy and Carmel’s.


That’s better 🙂

Dinny Davies

Tuesday, 11 June 2013