in search of Ifton Quary cave
Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Went in search of Ifton quarry cave in 1970 it was an 8m long bit of cave with a boulder choke at the end exposed by quarrying works. It is interesting because it is located close to where the theoretical Severn master cave is likely to run potentially providing a back door into the system and being in an abandoned Quary relatively easy to dig subtly. Unfortunately I got my car stuck in a field whilst trying to retreat from a flooded section of track on the approach to the quarry. Micras arn’t known for their off road capability’s neither are Peachey’s known for their driving prowess so I opted to try and push it out which failed miserably. I went of in search of the cave whilst I tried to think of a better idea safe in the knowledge that no one would be pinching my car! didn’t manage to find the cave I suspect it has been completely destroyed by quarrying works. returning to the car I managed to flag down a 4×4 on a nearby road and the driver and said 4×4 kindly towed my car out of the mud thus saving me from the otherwise rather sad fate of spending Christmas on my own in a muddy field with no Christmas pudding.