Grey Wife Hole
Monday, 5 May 2014

A quick bank holiday NFTFH tick. A very short trip, but some good obstacles involved. Interesting system where at the bottom of the first pitch, the sump is reached. Traversing over the sump, the cave then continues upstream. After some crawling, stooping and sideways walking in rift passage a chamber is reached with a waterfall. The passage continues at the top of the waterfall and with no fixed rope, the bravest member of the party needs to climb up at the far end of the chamber, (other side away from the waterfall), then traverse across the drop to gain the passage where the waterfall comes in.

Brave Sir Thomas took this challenge and was very speedy for such a horribly exposed and loose traverse. Then Noel followed on behind to derig the rope. Then the boys hard rigged the rope for we girlies waiting at the bottom. (Yes we are pathetic and we don’t care!)

Crawling upstream from the top of the waterfall and the duck is reached. Definitely need neoprene for this trip. My personal choice was a Dinny and Todd combination, of some rather fetching Dinny long-johns and neoprene arms designed by Todd. This was a much better option than my 5mm cardboard can’t-lift-my-arms-above-my-head-without-lots-of-pain wetsuit. (Thanks guys!)

Through the duck, follow the passage until you can’t go on anymore. Which isn’t too long. Turn around and head out in time for tea.