Mistral to Pip
Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A reluctant afternoon start; where all considered bailing (Rob did) saw us reach the farm in time for tea; ‘disappointing’ pesto (with tasty pasta/veg) was consumed and we were on our way. A longish walk saw us arrive at the entrance to Mistral with the climb down. Pressed on through Mistral reaching the impressive boulder choke leading into Pip followed the stream at stream level and then traversed above it. Vertical fun (rigged off exciting scaff bars and naturals) was interspersed with Squeezy fun (a particular favourite was thrusting your body into a squeeze whilst stood on the scaff bar). Got out at about 12 (about 4 hours underground (probably)) fell over into a puddle on the way back and then had chocolate clairs at the hut. Leaving Peachey to his lonesome; we powered off into the night back to Leeds.


Rob’s rubbish (the new warren?)

Ã’°clairs are good

Holly really doesn’t like my jokes

The farms entertainment has improved since I was last there (Disney princesses…)
Going bouldering would have been loads easier and wouldn’t have meant spending my lunch napping in the union