Pippikin Pot to Wretched Rabbit – Reversing Descriptions
Monday, 23 March 2015

Meant to write this up closer the time but failed. The notorious route finding involved with big Ease Gill through trips (e.g. Pip to Top Sink) has often put me off leading trips that span the system, preferring to stick with what I know, the classic Lancaster to Wretched upper traverse featuring heavily. But boosted by the success of an Evening trip from Lancaster Pot to Cape Kennedy and back, and being already familiar with Pip to Mistral, and the upper traverse, it was a good time to fill in the central bit of my mind blank, linking more of the Ease Gill navigational puzzle.

Going from Pip to Wretched is a very fun and interesting trip. Not For The Faint Hearted describes the route very well, but going in the other direction for most of the way. In Pippikin to Hall of the Ten is described the way we went, as is Link to 88 foot pitch, and Stop Pot to Wretched.

As we already knew the route from 88 foot pitch out Wretched we werent worried about route finding there, but the sections from Dusty Junction to Link Pot, and Echo Aven to the 88 Foot Pitch were more of a concern, and the reversed descriptions had the potential to be confusing.

To get round this myself and George compiled the schematic maps based on the NFTFH descriptions, which (at least to me) seem easier to understand regardless of direction than a text based description, although loose some of the detail.

I’ve included them below encase they might be useful to anyone else planning the Sam Allshorne trip.

I appreciate this is a bit of a cop out of a rant, as I havent even mentioned what happened on our trip (e.g. how Rob nearly abseiled down the 22m free hanging Echo Aven on a belay belt and Italian Hitch because he mistakenly thought it was only short and not worthy of putting back on his SRT kit). But hopefully someone might find the navigational info helpful.


Just noticed Rob had actually written up the trip at the time. He remembered the abseiling incident slightly differently than me…

Mike Butcher

Monday, 08 June 2015

nice one Mike!

Wob Rotson

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Schematic of Mistral to Link
Posted by: Mike Butcher
Size: 97kb
Width: 409 pixels
Height: 600 pixels
Posted: 08 June 2015
Schematic of Link (Echo Aven) to Cape Kennedy (up the 80 Foot Pitch)
Posted by: Mike Butcher
Size: 57kb
Width: 405 pixels
Height: 600 pixels
Posted: 08 June 2015