Felix Trombe
Friday, 11 December 2015 – Sunday, 20 December 2015

Lightweight, 2 man, trip, to Felix Trombe near Toulouse, longest system in France, 12th in world (44 entrances?). Howard non-caving due to weak excuse of recovering from broken back & Martin needing to be back in UK on the Thurs.

Did cave mostly form memory as managed to misplace guidebooks during recent house move.

Trips into Penee Blanque to the high level wire traverse into the PDG streamway & Mile to look around the huge TDV main chamber before then joining both together via classic through trip in 11 hours. Would have been quicker had we not run out of rope half way down Cognac requiring mid-rope tie-ons /changeovers to both sides of the pull-thro rope (yes, that’s why you practise changeovers at the Edge) & getting lost in the connection between Buhle & PDG streamway choke. Spent rest of week with Howard playing ‘Find the Entrance’ with GPS’s, great fun & useful for return visit. Walking between surface entrances gives a real feel for the distance covered underground

The caving is brilliant, I’d forgotten just how good it was. Very, very varied, exciting take-offs on the 14 or so pitches, streamway cold with snow melt. Stayed at Gite Paloumere in La Baderuque which is within walking distance of the caves, 17 euros a night with great kitchen & sleeping accommodation plus as much firewood as you can burn. Saturday joined local commune in their Xmas party which was one heck of an experience. Weather fantastic, no rain, sunny but cold. Will probably go again Sam Allshorne time next year, Leeds – Toulouse return £60 on Megabus. Should be a compulsory ULSA Xmas holiday meet.Anyone needing info on the system, copies of laminate survey, then give me a shout.