Rowten Pot, a while ago. (2.0)
Sunday, 13 December 2015

Rowten: a nemesis of mine. Last year, I was graced anti-grip when Nathanael had to escort me from a pitch on the Big Gulley route. A swingy deviation got the best of me and I smacked myself into a wall. Also, I was maybe slightly pissed at the time and so since then Ive been meaning to go back.

The day would be brilliant because only one day prior, I attempted to rig Cow Pot without my leg loops done up (Katey wasnt mad, just disappointed). Couldnt get much worse than that! So after checking that Id done my harness up correctly, Nathan (who rigged until after Main Shaft), Matt (rigged Flyover route), and I entered the Eyehole route as the Big Gulley in wet weather wasnt an idea. I proceeded to get strung up on the first pitch. After only doing freshers trips the last few months, and nearly falling off a pitch the day before, I was quite rusty, so to say.

Favourite bit definitely descending the Main Shaft. It was actually the longest descent Ive done (yay!) Scary, but good. Prussiking back up however, with a tackle sack in tow, no. Not for me!

Flyover route was also good fun. Matts duo was no longer cooperating with him and his looking for bolts was apparently similar to “a blind man trying to find Braille dots.

When we got to the bottom of Rowten, we went to look at the sumps. Having rained as heavily as it did that weekend, it was very, VERY wet. We wouldnt be attempting the free dive (sad face here. Ha.)
Surfaced quite quickly and Matt had to perform a self-rescue (I don’t even know). Nonetheless, it was an awesome trip! Thank you Matt and Nathan for getting cold and putting up with a slow Caroline.

This trip was worthy of my first rant