Not At All Balls Deep in Large Pot
Saturday, 3 September 2016

It had been raining for a few days and more was scheduled so Rowan suggested that going down Large to the bottom of Necropolis was a good wet weather option. We set of from Leeds pretty early and picked up Mr Prangroom en route. After a longer than expected trip to the post office, we were away. We then picked up Rowan from Ilkley and headed for Masongill, stopping at Bernies en route. It was really raining by the time we got underground at around 11.

The first pitch was easily free climbed by me and Rowan with George and Luke opting to use the rope and then the second pitch was a bit awkward to rig but fheiine. The third pitch had some in situ tat instead of the old 8mm bolt (with the one p bolt still being in good condition). The passage after this was decidedly awkward for some, Rowan and Luke Prangroom having something of a hard time in the passage just before fissure aven after departing from the streamway which sinks into the floor. We were soon at Colossus pitch into Necropolis, which was extremely impressive. Rowan rigged this pitch rather oddly: he used 2 deviations on opposing sides of the wall which brought the rope to exactly the Sam Allshorne place. ‘ I needed that one to get to that one.’ The pitch is very impressive and a tad drippy. It seemed like a rig much further away from the water would be possible if required using a rebelay rather than a deviation. The Necropolis at the bottom was very pretty with some fine formations.

After a brief poke about at the bottom we headed back out. I decided to have a look at the lead that Tony Seddon had rigged across the top of the pitch and over the Necropolis. It was a rather entertaining rig (very expedition style) and I didn’t see much to see. However, my light had been experiencing issues and I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. Tony tells me that we are looking for a ‘lead in the roof crawl which is the continuation to the right, along the traverse line (not the calcite flow to the left).’ He was of the opinion that it needed to be dug (if it’s what I think it was it is pretty small) so if anyone fancies a crack then go for it!

Out at 4:30pm, and then a raping from the RAC and a garage in Kendal after George hit a pothole. This put a downer on a fine trip. A very good wet weather option for later in the year with the freshers.


Colossus can become very unpleasant when wet.

Sam Allshorn

Thursday, 22 September 2016

I forgot to add that the 3rd pitch is also free climbable.

Wob Rotson

Thursday, 22 September 2016