Trapdoor Pot attempt 1
Wednesday, 28 September 2016

We decided that caving midweek needed to be done. With George finding some work lifting logs with Peachey, I had to recruit a new driver in the form of Mr Walker. Alice was up for it, and after a few pints at the pub Jeremy expressed strong keenness. We had a team. A heavy night followed.

I awoke at 9:45 and decided to sack off my practical at 10. At 1pm everyone had faffed sufficiently that we could depart. Arrival at the parking around 3pm after Nathan reversed into a drystone wall. While changing I realised that I had forgotten my hand jammer. Cave was easily located. Down the entrance pitch and off down Foam pitch to the Ripper (which can be got through with SRT kit on if you’re my size), and down That’s Better. Then down through the FTSE choke, which was not as loose as I had thought it would be. There are an extra 2 bolts to rig the FTSE pitch from than is stated in NFTFH, and they provided a better belay than the scaff bar (which is about 1.5m further down). After this, the Gripper proved a bit of a struggle for Alice but was fheeiiine. Then on to Ready To Roll, which also has a useful backup bolt in addition to the 2 y hang bolts. Then was the Rizla and Millennium Pot, which everyone successfully free climbed.

Then was the Stripper. Alice had considerable difficulty with this and ultimately decided that she had no desire to get through it, so after a brief sojourn to the head of Electron pitch and the Megatron (impressive echo; Electron pitch also has a backup bolt in addition to the NFTFH bolts) I headed back, this time carrying the redundant pitch ropes for Megatron and Electron. These were being stored in the big yellow Beast bag, which proved to be the cuntiest bag ever transported through a cave. It must be destroyed at all costs. Out at 8pm, so 4 hours underground. Back in Leeds by 10:30pm. A good trip, would like to go back and go to the bottom via both routes. Thanks to all for a good trip.