First ULSA rant

Sunday, 6 November 2016

First caving injury sustained while at Easegill, yet amazingly not in a cave! (Only I could do this) got out the cave at 7 with the group and managed to slip on the wet rocks and hit my knees on the sharp ones. Oh joy! Got up carried on and slipped again to truly make sure I had fucked up my knees.

Nothing much could really be done to help me so we carried on walking to the hut and I managed to fall up to my waist in a bog (sure Frodo had an easier time getting the ring to mount doom) but decided to drink a cup of concrete and harden up and waddled to the hut. Never had a lucozade that tasted better. Getting back to the hut I realised that my mother had realised what cave rescue was and had texted me to tell me that if I wasn’t out by 10pm she would ring cave rescue (got to love parents :/) compounding the issue was probably the fact that I had no signal on my phone so getting Nathan to drive me about two miles up the hill to get signal was annoying. But still Easegill was my favourite caving experience and loved the SRT aspect and didn’t have to do sumps which makes me so