Easegill (County pot to wretched rabbit)
Sunday, 6 November 2016

9:30am. Got to the chapel late. Saw no MPV outside; thought everyone left already; got sad. Heard voices from inside; realised they haven’t left; no longer sad.
By 10:30(ish), the gear was packed and we set off to Inglesport/Bernies Cafe for fuel. Once on location, we were placed into three groups; mine consisting of Ben, Nathan, Sarah, Nathanael, Tasha and myself.

The walk to the cave proved slightly tricky as illustrated somewhere below.
We went through County Pot entrance and, 3mins in, I managed to get stuck because of the bulky AF camera placed in my oversuit pocket (as illustrated); but fortunately managed to squeeze out with the guidance of Nathan and Tasha.

Quite a bit of crawling and rope climbing was executed (might’ve had to utilise other people’s limbs occasionally to compensate for height and incompetence as illustrated).
We also got the chance to do some SRT in an actual cave (a first for me)!! Quite the hand crusher but very rewarding. Loads of practice is due.

We stopped by Stop Pot (heh) for a quick break. The body-crushing camera was put to use and some (potentially blurry) photos were taken. The ceiling was absolutely gorgeous (via my short-sighted eyes) and looked like a (blurred out) starry night sky, possibly due to formations.

Four hours later, we were back above the ground via Wretched Rabbit and headed back to the hut and found we were the first group to emerge from the undergrounds.
A few hours later, everyone was compiled in the hut and snacks were eaten before we drove off back to Leeds.

Overall, quite an exhausting but pleasant day. I’m very grateful.


My favourite rant so far truly great to read and the pictures just add to it 10/10
Natasha Afford

Wednesday, 09 November 2016

Walking to the cave
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Posted: 09 November 2016
Human steps
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