Little Hull Pot
Thursday, 1 December 2016

I was rudely awakened at 7AM by a man telling me about the weather forecast. With this in mind and the fresh scent of morning mildew wafting in the air I realised that I had a lecture in 2 hours to get ready for in order to pump my keen waiting mind with the knowledge needed to succeed in life. With such factors weighing down on me I decided to sack of my lectures and go caving for the day. Little Hull Pot the the agreed venue for this day of utter productivity and seeing as my car was still refusing to start after I had made no attempt to fix it we were to catch the train to Horton-in-Ribblesdale.

I met Rob and Nadia at Graham View with the cheapest loaf of bread Coop could offer in order to provide the carbs needed to fuel our activities. This bread was consumed on the train to Horton with a smorgasbord of olives, cheese, tomatoes, and eggs of dubious origin. On arriving at Horton we set off to the cave and arrived after a half hour bimble with Rob saying the cave was just beyond the next wall (three walls in a row).

The entrance was a small hole at the bottom of a shake hole that could be walked into at stooping height and is just off to the right of the path as you are setting of to Birkwith from the Pen-y-ghent path. Rob was the first underground in order to rig the first pitch and I followed shortly afterwards using the famous Ian Peachy radio location method (KATEY?…. KATEY?!). The entrance series is longer than I thought it would be and went from a low crawl to pleasant walking passage until the first pitch. Getting down the first rebelay involved me getting a wet back as I swung on the rope like a ham in a butchers window, drycured and £5.99 a kilo.

Directly afterwards came the second pitch which I rigged. There were two ways of doing this, a wet and dry way. I opted for the dry way as it was more technical and I required the rigging practice. Only major note of this would be that the second deviation seemed to be non existent. After the second pitch came a rift passage that started with a pleasant wet crawl. I sat at the beginning of this crawl for some time observing how waves I made reflected on the walls and converged. From this I deduced that energy could be neither created nor destroyed and concluded that I had to go through this fucking crawl, it wasn’t really that bad in retrospect. The rift continued and became taller. Pro tip: follow the high level in this rift as it is much easier, I followed the high route as I am intelligent and have a GCSE in history. Rob and Nadia followed the lower route like a couple of mongs and Rob eventually made it to the high level after I corrected him. Nadia however was a different story as she had gotten herself jammed in a narrow section, falling into a wedge that became narrower as she fell. I managed to get underneath her in or to give her a back to stand up on whilst rob help her up topside by pulling her out of her predicament. With this predicament passed and the scum rising to the high level route we reached the final pitch.

Nadia rigged this final pitch with no issue on the new IC resin anchors that have been installed. At the bottom me and Rob ran off in order to explore the bottom levels of the cave. The passages are quite extensive and consist of some large chambers before the final sump aswell as some miserable flat out crawling that can either be wet or dry (mostly dry but the wet bits go on for a while). I found a hole under an inlet that required a 4m climb down. In this hole beyond a large boulder extensive echo was heard that might be worth looking at after capping the boulder a bit. The conditions at the bottom were quite dry from the look of the levels on the bottom sump (which I might add looks very photogenic) and rob went to the end and comented that it looked like an extensive duck. After this I decided that I was getting quite tried and wanted to leave and Rob agreed to go. Nadia had already left went we got back to the pitch so we kitted back up in order to prusik out. Rob volunteered to derig and I wasn’t going to look that gift horse in the mouth so whole heartily agreed. Whilst kitting up Rob was trying to fit the new pantin harness he had bought of Tony the week before only to realise Tony had fucked him. He had sold him a harness for a left pantin as opposed to the right one (pun intended). We had both told Tony before not to fuck us, only once we told him not to fuck us (context: Now Rob has to find him and do what is needed (context:

After getting up the pitch and taking the tackle sack off Rob I was feeling a bit queasy after the prusik up I set off along the rift and found Nadia below the genius high level route. She had typically gone to the depths of depravity in order to have a piss so I left her to it and carried along my high IQ level and used an in situ rope in order to descend back to stream level. I made it back to the bottom of the second pitch though the wet crawl, which I noted was much colder than any of the crawls below the final pitch. Nadia and Rob caught up and Nadia headed up the pitch with me following and Rob once again derigging. I found Nadia on the second rebelay of the first pitch completely still and with her head resting against the rope. At first I thought this was because she was just tired, which was a factor, but she was also saying she was very nauseous and thought it might have been due to the eggs of dubious origin we had in the morning. Turns out they were bin eggs and what was probably causing me feeling nauseous aswell (I thought I was just unfit). After a while and a few rests Nadia made it to the top and I followed with my light levels becoming so low I could not recognise any colours and the world turned black and white, fun times, although I was not switching to my backup just yet as I could still see enough to be safe. I caught up with Nadia in the entrance crawl sitting so still that I though she was a boulder with my low light level. She was sat there in her own dream world trying not the throw up and observing all the animals occupying the stream. I forced her to move on and she said that we had taken a wrong turn and she was at a dead end. Turns out she’s a lying bitch and was at the entrance where it had just turned dark.

It was beautiful starry night outside and there was not a cloud in the sky as we got changed so we could observe a faint milky way as long as Rob did not shine his light in my eyes. After getting changed and helping Rob organise all of Nadia gears we set of back to Horton. It was good thing that I did not need my backup light as it turn out it aswell was on low battery and would only produce a red light so my walk back was very covert. Back in Horton there were quick pints and chips to be had in The Crown where the barman said we would probably be the entirety of his custom that night, unfortunately we could not prop the bar up as we had to make the last train back to Leeds. I slept on the train back to Leeds left Rob and Nadia at the train station (in Leeds). Back home I grabbed my laptop from my house in order to go to Graham View again and write this rant and eat whatever Nadia and Rob were cooking for dinner.

The day was finished with Soup, Pasta, and Lentils and a viewing of The Undergound Eiger (context: Good day, good cave worth a visit and much more than just the three pitches I thought it was.