Simpsons again
Sunday, 11 December 2016

After a slow morning full of lists we eventually left for Simpsons again. SUSS were set for Swisto and Geroge, Typhon and I arrived as they were finishing getting changed. They set off underground after I had lent Nadia’s new omni to Mellow Mike as the shit aluminium D ring he had won at CHECC had failed to work. An hour and a tour of Ingleton in search later Nathan and co showed up at the cave. Not long after we were at the entrance and flying off into the hopefully still rigged cave.

the cave was not still rigged. I set up the first pul through and then we headed off down the two handlines that follow the first set of cascades to the second pitch. At the bottom of this, my glases decided to fall apart. Luckily it took the others long enough to catch up that we were able to fix the glasses before they got there, with a full team effort, though special credit must go to Typhon for finding a screw less than a cm long and 2mm wide in a muddy pool of water. Then we bypassed the next pitch by climbing over the top and cown the other side. I then stayed at the back until Slit Pot helping Ash to derig the pull throughs. Slit Pot was rigged with another teams pull through rope, which they had presumably been unable to retrieve. We used this, and at the bottom were pleased to find that despite the large group and heavily delayed start we had caught SUSS.

A swift exit followed, with Nathan managing to lose one of Black Jewishman’s karabiners. Back in Leeds for 8:30 after eating Not-So-Mellow Mike’s disgusting salt biscuits and leftover cheese at the YSS and picking up Bobby and Hannah. Well done to George for not falling asleep at the wheel.