Rift Pot not New Rift Pot
Saturday, 18 March 2017

Having recently spent a lot of time procrastinating on UK caving I was pleased to note that some kind soul has provided a comprehensive plan for me to base all my future trip reports on.(This is very useful for someone who is dyslexic).

I woke up at 8 am. I meet half our group at Chapel. The weather was wet. Arbitrary paragraph on the national toddler racing event. Mutterings about the river level’s. We went to Inglesport and didn’t meet the other half of our team since they were still in bed pissed off there heads. We ate breakfast. Long discussion about which Rift Pot we were going to. I won. We ‘rode’ in a car to the parking spot. Got changed in the rain. The weather was still wet. We walked to the cave. We had no feelings at the entrance. Sarah rigged. I took photos. Nathan sang. Nothing cleaver was said. We found the sound of waterfalls less than comfortable. We realized we had forgotten the all too important bit of psych at the surface. We all expressed semi-comic despair about how drippy it was. We ate nothing. We headed back out. Cameron experienced some exaggerated peril when he dropped his footloop. We displayed no emotions. We got to the entrance it was still light and into the weather which was slightly less wet. Happiness .We walked to the car and got changed. We ‘rode’ back to Leeds had fish and chips and a pint in the chemic. The Silverback won poker but would lose in a fight against a Grizzly Bear. The End. FSP.

In hindsight this is a shit format and will not be referring to it in the future.

Infact I would have been better off just bullet pointing useless facts.

-Rift Pot is a good wet weather cave.
– Avoid confusion between Rift Pot which is on The Allotment and New Rift Pot which is on Irbey Fell.
-The Description on the CNCC website provides ample description on how to get there.
– The Entrance was slightly dripy.
– Didn’t do the final pitch as it looked splashy but passable.
– After the entrance the cave is not overbolted leading to some Y-hangs without a back up.