Rowter Hole
Monday, 29 May 2017

Convinced that we weren’t going caving we slowly drove up to Rowter Farm in dense fog, paid our £2 and checked the skies for rain. Due to the poor visibility, we took a scenic route to the cave entrance.
SUSS were just under the lid when I began rigging the straight hang. After two knots, the rigging refresher was complete and we dropped the 70m.
Arriving first, Matt and I explored the way on to the right, stopping to look at the two pots downwards. A small climb up, then a traverse. Note the traverse lines have been buried close to the far anchor by a collapse from above and would take significant shifting to free. After a nervous giggle, I had a look at the pitch above but lots of gravel fell down when I tried to climb or even looked at the rope. Hypothermia Passage also leads off from here, although the party has a humble interest in the muddy wet crawl.
After contemplating the extensions, we left and spent some time practising hauling rigs on the pitch before the long drive back to Cardiff.