Penyghent Scaff
Wednesday, 6 September 2017

An excuse was needed for Nathan to avoid applying for jobs so we left Leeds for the day with minimal rain forecast. Arrived at the dump at half 3 and after a quick sandwich we were up the hill and underground at half 4. I dragged around 20kg of couplers along the entrance crawl while George and Nathan got an easy start as Sam Allshorn and myself had dragged the scaff to the head of the 1st pitch in July. Quick progress saw us at the base of the 4th pitch at 5:20 and at the bottom of Myers Leap by 6:15, with all the ropes in good nick. Materials dropped off, the bottom of the cave looked to have been very full recently. Back out quickly; it would have been even quicker if I hadn’t forgotten to pull all the ropes in the Rift up again. Out for 9pm, much quicker than last time. Now over 60ft of scaff, 15/16 couplers (mixture of singles, doubles and twists) in the dig. Next is to clear out the digface of looser material and enlargen the crawl to the face whilst also transporting some tools to the face. The ultimate haul from Settle Booths was had on the way home.