Simpsons pull thru
Wednesday, 8 November 2017

We headed underground at 7.10pm, where Nadia quickly relived herself of the tackle bag. The first pitches were free climbed and the quick succession of longer pitches were rigged by myself, Nadia, Beth and Alice, the latter two practising their rigging.
Alice rigged the longer pitch, by joining the two ropes on the pull rope.

The rope snagged on the crab on the short wet slope pitch before Swinsto Main Aven. Nadia attempted to bolt climb simply because she didn’t want to get wet; but the rope released with some persuasion.
Into the master cave and Beth made the most of her wetsuit in the ‘water park’ with upmost joy. The water levels were particularly low. The tiny women ran along the stooping passage in glee and I followed with the tackle.

Out at 10.30pm, into the rain.

Really fun evening trip!