After a rough nights sleep at the foot of Bobby’s bed, I arrived at chapel in a hazy, blurry state. Ropes, packed; descriptions, printed; helmets, charged (thanks to Alice Smith being organised the night before) – we set off after minimal faff. Once we arrived at Mason Gill, our groups parted ways (the other half going down Ireby Fell Cavern). After a bit of sunbathing and shit-talking at the entrance while waiting for others to rig, we headed in. Despite Ane, Hannah and I’s pranging about the tight and ‘acrobatic’ second pitch back at Inglesport, it didn’t seem too bad. Then followed a nice straight forward bit of caving, including a nice crawl surrounded by numerous pretties after the 9th pitch. Heading back was fine and I got in a little bit of de-rigging practice – it seemed like we’d be back out and off to Akmal’s in no time. However, while heading up the second pitch, I realised how facing 90˚ the wrong way had completely shagged me over and I was a tad stuck in the one place I should avoid being stuck; the rebelay was too taught to rig my descender and deprusiking was a faff ‘cause of the rope weighing my hand jammer. After some troubleshooting with Nathan and Rob, I finally got my way down and headed back up the second pitch in a few mins. At the entrance, we were greeted by everyone wondering why the hell we took so long. Sadly, it was too late to get a curry but at least we scrounged 120+ Yorkshire puddings from the bins.