Despite the stupidly late Give It A Go date that the SU shafted us with, we still managed to convince 8 freshers to try their hand at caving. Getting everyone ready at Chapel was relatively painless (even though I still had a bit of a grumble for the sake of it) and after a pit stop at Inglesport, we headed to Bullpot. After some confusion over who was doing what, with there being 3 trips occurring at the same time, our group set off to find Mistral – Kristian acted as a handy tour guide pointing out what was and was not a wall on the way. Everyone handled the free climb at the entrance and relatively tight crawls afterwards with ease. We showed off some formations, discussed Mistral’s exploration, chatted about staying safe during caving. Eventually we got to Hall of the Mountain King where we observed some fine nudist art and enjoyed a bit mud slinging. During this, a bunch of people unwittingly sunk into the ground and got stuck; I decided to help out after enjoying these scenes for a few minutes and deservedly ended up sinking into the floor myself. Kat did a great job of leading us back to Dusty Junction, at which point Alexis became club photographer with her somehow unmuddied phone. Kat and Kristian pointed out that was being a lazy arsehole and I hadn’t bothered to carry any tackle. Fun trip – everyone did great and some freshers even seemed to enjoy themselves.

(Pat on the back to me for not calling the Give It a Go a “gag” during the entire day)