It had been a long time since I’d been back here. Becka kindley belayed. The traverse at the top was quickly passed, a boulder blockage was demolished as Becka came up and then she was sent forth into the unknown. Unfortunately the passage continued it’s ascent up an unpleasantly loose looking climb. Becka went so far then backed off. I had a go after becka had remove some of the more delicate bits. The passage appeared to close down. But it’s odd as the passage is 1-1.5m wide then ends. So removed all my gear and helmet and wedge myself up into the rift. Behind me was 4-6inch wide crack back over the passage we had come from this had either¬† a massive water fall on the other side int he far distance or was the gushing sound of masses of air passing through it. Most likely the latter.

Happy with our efforts we returned to the large ledge and set upwards again. This end of the aven on the North end Pot side appears to be fully choked just the other side to now check.