The day started being dropping an apple on my nose, whilst picking apples from a tree at Laura’s house.
We drove to Giants, paid the fee and pottered underground. Laura rigged Garlands (it was very dry) and down, down, down the Crab Walk we went. On and on, now a little boring. Some navigational opportunities as we headed down to Sump 2 and at Lydia’s insistence that we head down the Chamber of Horrors. Found our way broadly on the smooth track, down the Cascades. Through the Windpipe which was a bit shite. Impressed that you take freshers through. Dropped back into the Crab Walk 10m after the ring, hanging from the ceiling. Back into the streamway. 
Up Garlands and met the guide from Dolomites Training Ltd. Helped him pack his ladder whilst Lyds ascended. I’d just carried the coil of rope on the way in, and now Lydia and Laura were faffing with a crab that they’d welded-shut. I’d seen how shiny the crab was and presumed it wouldn’t end well so plaited the 60m rope. I observed some interesting methods: hitting, levering with descenders, hand jammers, shouting, twisting a cord around the gate.
After all this, I was bored and cold so ran off. I did feel a bit like a gremlin, but they seem to have forgiven me. In Base Camp chamber we remembered that today was Lydia’s fake graduation day and we were supposed to take pictures. I was cold so ran to the entrance with the rope. I left it in the sun with my SRT kit and ran back passed the guide group.
Back in Base Camp chamber, they were celebrating Laura have hulked open the crab. She used the p-bolt as a lever to unscrew the crab. Very pleased, Lydia donned her graduate robe and staged the photos. We had a laugh and headed out into the sunshine for hummus, bread and graduation cake.
All in all, excellent, 2hr underground trip, including crab faff and plus photo faff.