ULSA virtual library


PDF AGM agenda 2007 - To be held at the Tann Hill Inn at 5.30pm on Saturday 3rd March 2007
PDF AGM minutes 2006 - Minutes of the 2006 AGM held at the Tann Hill Inn
PDF AGM minutes 2008 - Minutes of AGM held at the Stirk House Hotel 1st March 2008
PDF AGM minutes 2010 - Minutes from the AGM held at the Dalesbridge Centre
PDF AGM minutes 2013 - Minutes from the 2013 AGM held at the Union.
PDF AGM minutes 2014 - Minutes from the 2014 AGM held at the Dalesbridge Centre
PDF Caving Without Tears - 1999 version
PDF Chapel risk assessment - Risk assessment for the use of the University Jerusalem chapel SRT and ladder training facility.
PDF Chapel rope setup guide - Description of rope set-up undertaken by LUUSS and ULSA on University Property in the Jerusalem Chapel.
PDF Dinnermeet invite 2007 - Copy of letter for this year's dinnermeet at the Tann Hill Inn
PDF Dinnermeet invite 2008 - Invite to the 2008 dinnermeet at Stirk House, Gisburn.
PDF First aid kits - Recommended contents of the ULSA first aid kits.
PDF First aid kits - emergency incident cards - Supplementary emergency incident report cards to go with the ULSA first aid kits.
PDF Force Crag Mine - by Stuart Abbott
PDF LUU Authorised driver application form - LUU Authorised driver application and commitment form
PDF LUU Private vehicle use registration form - LUU Private vehicle use registration form
PDF LUU Transport booking request - LUU Transport booking request form
PDF LUUCaS Committee Meeting 30/01/2014 - Minutes from the meeting.
PDF LUUSS Constitution - 1962 (revised 1993).
PDF LUUSS/ULSA Risk Assessment - Risk Assessment for organised club trips
PDF Recommendations for Sustainable Framework for Leadership of ULSA/LUUSS trips - Guidelines and points for discussion at the next AGM
PDF Rigging Without Epics - SRT and ladder rigging guide (1992)
PDF Seshed Singer's Songbook - Seshed Singer's Songbook
PDF The change from ULSA to LUUSS - Historical text transcribed from the 1965 LUUSS minutes book.
PDF ULSA 50 years T-shirt - Designed by Matty!
PDF ULSA Committee Meeting 16.06.2016 - Minutes from the meeting.
PDF ULSA Constitution - The ULSA Constitution
PDF ULSA Publications Price List - Last updated 19 December 2002.
PDF ULSA Review 1 - ULSA Review 1
PDF ULSA Review 2 - ULSA Review 2
PDF ULSA Review 5 - ULSA Review 5
PDF ULSA Review Index - Beardy's ULSA Review Index

The ULSA Virtual Library consists of various documents by ULSA.

Included in this selection are a range of archive documents published by LUUSS and ULSA since 1957 which are out-of-print or free-of-charge. These documents contained within the Virtual Library are, as closely as possible, facsimilies of the originals. Nonetheless, modifications are inevitable as publications dating from up to forty years ago are published electronically. It is difficult to represent the same kind of typographical nuances in a web-page that result from the publications original format: either on a typewriter or in pen. As a result there are minor, unavoidable changes in layout. No attempt has been made to correct spelling and typos from the original publications.

It is hoped that in re-publishing in this new format these documents have retained much of their original atmosphere and character. As with any document of this genre it is important to read the texts in their appropriate historical context.