Upcoming Events 2018

Freshers Fair @ the Edge Sports Hall (25th – 26th September)

Come along for a chat if you would like to ask any questions or hear more about our society, we’ll be around all day.

If you’d prefer to visit us while it’s quiet we’d recommend¬†coming during the Unions “quiet hour” (10-11am), or if you would prefer to sleep off your hangover first come between 11am-4pm, either way we’d be happy to have a chat ūüôā



Curious about caving?


Intro Talk @ The Packhorse Pub (Thursday 27th September – 7pm)

If you want to hear more about what our society gets up to and how to get involved come along¬†to the Packhorse, opposite the chemical engineering building. We’ll be staying for drinks afterwards if you’d like to stay and chat with our existing¬†and new members.


Click here for directions

Join us for a drink.

Ladder meet (Sunday 29th September -9am)

Want to try absailing? Come and meet us at the Parkinson steps at 9 am. 

To conclude 2018’s freshers week we’ll be catching a bus out to Ilkley Moore on the last Sunday of September and heading out to Ilkley crag, this classic beauty spot is home to some awesome climbing and great walks. If your looking for a way to relax and get some fresh air after your first week at university then come along.


Beautiful views from the crag @ Ilkely moore.


Just bring bus fayre (should be less than £5)

Rope skills training (every Tuesday and Friday, 8 – 10 pm, term-time)

Ever wanted to learn how to abseil? How to use ropes, karabiners & various other bits of kit to access the inaccessible? We provide all the training you need to become fully competent with the skills necessary to explore the most challenging caves.

The deeper you go the more exciting it gets,¬† who knows where you might find yourself in a few weeks…

All our training sessions take place at
the Edge sports centre. 

The Edge is free to access during the first two weeks of term.

After this period you’ll need Edge/caving club membership to access the training facilities.¬†

Check out our calendar to see our confirmed training dates. 

GIAG РGive it a Go (Sunday 13th October)

Want a taste of what caving is like?

This year we’ll be going to Birkwith caves in the Yorkshire Dales, you’ll find yourself faced with the opportunity¬†to do three different caves during the day to give you a good idea what caving is like.¬†

This event often¬†books up fast so if you miss out or can’t make it to the GIAG don’t worry as we will be running another beginner friendly trip the week after, let us know if you missed out on the GIAG and we’ll arrange for you to come on the next trip without having to commit to a year’s membership.¬†¬†

If this pineapple can cave, so can you.


Buy your ticket on the Union website.

Day Trips 

We’ll keep you posted about any upcoming day trips we’re planning via Facebook, this website and the calendar.¬†

The trips will become more technically challenging throughout the year so remember to come along to our midweek training sessions to build up your rope skills.

What will you do this weekend?

Buy tickets for our upcoming day trips 
from the Union website.

Mendips (18-20th October)

Our first weekend away with some epic beginner caving. On the last weekend of October,¬†we’ll be partying down south to the Mendip¬†Hills, home to excellent cider and sporting stream caves.¬†¬†

We’ll be staying at the SMCC hut, a house purpose built for cavers, hidden in the secret¬†Priddy¬†forest.

Remember to bring everything you normally bring on a caving trip + a sleeping bag and toothbrush.

Venture down to the mysterious Shepton Caving hut.

Ready to get soaked? 

Pennine Hut (8-10th November)

Where better to spend the Halloween season than at a classic University owned hut located on the isolated limestone planes of the Yorkshire Dales. Fancy dress, fireworks and of course caving!

The hut is walking distance from Alum Pot, the UK’s largest and most beautiful open topped cave.

Pennine hut^

This year the Treasurer has
budgeted £100 for fireworks!

CHECC Forum (22nd-24th November)

You didn’t think we were the only ones, did you? The UK is home to over 25 university caving clubs, the council of higher education caving clubs (CHECC) is the official body that represents these clubs. Every year they organise a forum attended by between 250 – 300 students. Visit their website for more information about the event.

Student caving on a national level.

We’ll be camping but don’t worry if you don’t own a tent¬†
the club has a huge one.

Xmas weekend (6nd-8th December)

Last chance to have caving fun before the term ends for the Christmas holidays, celebrate a semester of hard work/drinking with some caving and hard-drinking or not drinking (#inclusivity).

Hope you’ve worked up an appetite, caving Christmas meals aren’t for the faint-hearted.