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Slanting Cave
Monday, 31 May 2010

Yesterday we reached the bottom of this little corker after a previous trip in which the 2nd duck “The Trap” had been cleared. The cave beyond is well decorated including some calcited flies.
The pitches require 35m of rope and two hangers, two slings and three krabs then you can choose if you use the pitons driven into the wall.

For the first pitch a stal in the roof on the left or two rusty pitons on the right and a bolt at the pitch head. The second pitch can be rigged on the Sam Allshorne rope, the initial belay is a large floor spike. Once you’re through the slot, there is a bolt in the right wall at the Sam Allshorne level/or marginally lower than the large floor spike.

Neoprene is advisable.

Today the organic material at the entrance was removed. It was mainly made up of bits of 4 large sheep two of which were mainly scraped from the walls the younger two came out in larger maggot infested chucks. There were also several small bags of lamb parts.

Almost enough to make you vegetarian! It was interesting to see how ineffective the digestive system of a sheep is, there were large clumps of fermenting grass that had filled the intestines.


Au contraire, sheep are ruminants which means they have a very effective system of digesting grass.

Jon Haynes

Wednesday, 02 June 2010

Not when they are dead though…

Tim Williams

Monday, 07 June 2010


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