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Baldock has rinsed me!


Cave:GG, bar to main, again! Alternate, Headingley to Chapel to Bramley

Trip attendees: Adam Baldock, K Brook, Lea Giguere-Richards, Anne Applet, Charlie Crossley, Sam Lastname

It’s still leg day. But I need something to do with my legs!

The call has been going out for days that we needed another driver for today’s trip. I’ve filled this gap before, so I figured it’s someone else’s turn but no one else steps up, wise decision. I bend and volunteer to assist with student caving thinking I’ve got two freshers to take to the dales.

Get up early after a quiet night in and head to the chapel and what do I find. That the flippin trip has 6 people going on it, including me. That means if basic arithmetic is followed that the extra car is needed to take……. me!!! I wasn’t needed! Not at all! Not required! Could’ve done something else besides the trip I’ve done 20 times before and will do 20 times again. Great trip, would recommend.

Seeing the lack of need to burn extra diesel and add mileage to my car I graciously ducked out and sorted the cart parking charges for everyone else. Now I lie at home thinking about learning cave surveying software and writing this rant. I hope everyone has a nice trip and I expect to see a proper caving rant about it in the coming week.


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