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Beyond Too Long Gone, Mug’s Chamber

Beyond Too Long Gone, Mug’s Chamber
Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday trip into the Extensions, the aim was to dig the choke beyond the sump in Too Long Gone.
Rapid progress had us there by 1.30 after a 9.30 start. 45mins of hair raising boulder trundling and sitting chest deep in chilly water found the other end of the tube mentioned in ULSA Exploration Journal 2 checked with a vocal test this came into a tiny chamber with a load of plastic mugs jammed in the roof.

The boulders are small in this area, fist to TV sized (not flat screens). The initial dig went up about 2m then to the left and into this tiny chamber but laying in the dig pulling more rock out lead to more rock falling onto the digger. Shoring of some sort is required to stop the digger being buried. The final choke looked terminal with everything covered in mud and lacking visible black space. Interestingly there seemed to be quite a bit of insect life in this choke.

Thanks are due to George North and Co. for leaving us a bar at the start of the Highway to Hell. It’s now on top of the sediment bank at the end of Paradise near the diving cylinder.
A hasty retreat was made to be back on the surface by 6.30pm so only a 9hour 15min trip. No dubious expedients were used and we brought out all the tackle.

A cracking day out.

End result 4 sore knees and 4m of passage.

Of note was that Mr B had to remove his wet suit to get through the diaylsis machince and but avoided the indigenty of laying in a puddle and on the return, opting for the removal of skin from his hips instead.

Thanks Mike couldn’t have done it without you.

Good effort.
Andy Tharratt
Wednesday, 02 June 2010

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